Our activities initially focused on two market segments - TELCO and IT in the private and military areas. We have been working in both of these sectors for over 32 years. In the meantime, we also expanded our client portfolio to include public administration. We also support projects in the EDU and MED segments. This confirms the professionalism of the TELKOM team, as such complex projects often require access to confidential or classified information.

All three areas have their own specifics and requirements. Thanks to our experience, we have built the necessary know-how regarding technologies, processes and formal requirements related to each of them. The specifics of the client's areas often involve procedures, which must be fully understood in order to establish successful cooperation.

private sector
Private sector
Solutions in this area often require a thorough analysis of the client's needs and joint definition of short- and long-term goals. This is the key to success.
public administration sector
Public and local government administration sector
Projects implemented for the needs of public and local government administration require knowledge of legal provisions and, in many cases, active participation in defining them. All in the context of designated solutions and integration with central registers.
military sector
Military sector
Services and products in the military sector often require certificates of access to confidential or classified information. Experience in their implementation in the client's end environment is also key.