Programs for companies

We provide software based on WEB technology, tailored to the individual needs of the client. Together with our Technology Partner, Tako, we implement safe, auto-scalable and widely available programming solutions for computers, smartphones and tablets.

We implement programming projects in the Agile model. We provide comprehensive service - from the definition of requirements through design documentation, programming with testing, final acceptance and post-construction support of our applications.

  • We produce software for the needs of State Administration and Business Corporations.
  • We use new technologies in architecture such as GCP. We ensure high scalability and stability of applications and services.
  • Our programmers are highly qualified experts in their fields with a broad technological background.

Thanks to close cooperation with our reliable Technology Partner, TAKO, we can offer a comprehensive process of delivering software to the client as well as care and development of functionalities in the software life cycle after implementation. We implement:

  • design work (system creation) – consultations, design, development, testing, commissioning;

  • maintenance work (maintenance of systems) – taking over systems for maintenance, care and development.

The solutions we implement are products tailored to customer needs of various scales and operating profiles

Examples of solutions we have provided:

SmartMedic (EHR) – SaaS solution for medical facilities

Functions: online platform for managing the medical facility with 24/7 access, maintaining electronic medical records, medical visits, doctor's panel, online registration and patient module, management information, National Health Fund billing, mobile application.

Technology: SaaS web application, .Net C#, MS SQL Server, iOS, Android.

Solution model: Online platform, available 24/7 from any device.

Lecturus Junior (e-Learning) – SaaS platform for online learning with VOD

Functions: online platform for Lecturus Spin-off of the University of Warsaw for conducting online lessons with access to VOD materials 24/7. Students using the platform can take part in highly scalable, secure and interactive classes with teachers across the country.

Technology: SaaS web application, streaming system, VOD multimedia library, iOS and Android mobile application, Python, PHP, SQL, CRM.

Solution model: Online platform available 24/7 from any device.