IT Outsourcing Services

IT outsourcing – comprehensive IT services.

IT outsourcing means hiring a specialised company to ensure reliable operation of IT systems. As a result, our clients can focus on the areas that concern their business and not worry about the stability of the IT system.

An offer tailored to the client’s needs.

Each client is unique, has different needs and opportunities. Together, we assess the current state of IT systems and the scope of their use. We also analyse available solutions and the costs associated with them. The terms of cooperation are established through discussions, in order to meet the client's expectations.

Additional services

Our clients can also use TELKOM's services in a wider scope, including:

  • training and consulting;

  • IT systems security audit;

  • ITC services and support – IT and Telecommunications;

  • Website creation with our partner Tako (;

  • e-mail services and website maintenance with our partner Tako (;

  • design/installation/development of IT systems with our partner Tako (

Scope of service

A permanent cooperation agreement gives customers a guarantee of peace of mind and stable work. As part of the subscription fee, we provide comprehensive IT services:

  • computer network management;

  • ongoing troubleshooting of IT systems;

  • server administration;

  • workstation management;

  • periodic maintenance visits at the customer's premises;

  • managing printers and other devices;

  • data archiving activities;

  • activities related to antivirus protection;

  • user support by phone or remote support in implementing new IT solutions at the client's site;

  • representing the client before the supplier or guarantor of IT\telco equipment and services;

  • handling events related to post-warranty repair of devices.

IT support is provided both at the customer's premises and remotely using VPN connections or by phone. We also provide a service of maintaining and updating company programs, which includes:

  • maintaining and developing programs supporting the company's operations;

  • management of office programs and databases (SQL, MS Office, Open Office);

  • administration of antivirus systems (NODE, Kaspersky, Symantec).

  • Additional services.

For a personalized quote, please contact the office: tel. +48 22 784 84 88