Public and Local Government Administration Sector

we improve management and increase work efficiency.

Projects implemented for public and local government administration require knowledge of the legal framework and sometimes participation in defining it. The issue of integration with central registers is also important. The experience gained in this area allows us to implement effective IT solutions, as well as ensure efficient handling of formalities - related to determining legal possibilities and restrictions.

We implement projects in local government administrations and state institutions based on a detailed analysis of problems, needs of individuals and current solutions. We design the hardware or software that we can provide to improve management, computerise procedures and increase work efficiency. Thanks to this, we are able to meet the needs of the public sector. 

We can offer support to administrative units at various levels.


Cooperation in the supply of hardware and software solutions. This is sometimes supplied by supporting the IT team in a given unit. The goal is to increase work efficiency and implement new IT solutions without disturbing the unit's current work


Internal communication and the flow of information between individuals affect work efficiency and hygiene. We analyse and design solutions that improve the transfer of information and document flow. This shortens the customer service time, increases the quality of services and increases the job satisfaction of office employees.


Projects created on behalf of administrative units. We design and implement solutions that allow you to meet legal and administrative requirements while complying with the implemented procedures. The systems work with web browsers, which enables quick and convenient launch of workstations and simplifies their operation by employees.